Hazy Demons:
Our first beer. A delicious NEIPA (New England IPA) with hints of fruit. A nice after taste that brings you to the tropics.

Three Demons:
Our second craft beer: Three Demons is a tripel after Belgian example. We proudly present this 3 grains beer, brewed with lots of patience and passion.

Weizen Demons:
Our third craft beer: Weizen Demons let you taste the German Weizen beer with a hint of the tropics!

Bocking Demons:
Our fourth craft beer: Bocking Demons will let you buck of happiness. A subtle flavour that let you taste the colours of the fall!

Blondie Demons:
Our fifth craft beer: Blondie Demons is a blond beer that reflects the coorperation within our team. Lovely to see even better to enjoy. What kind of music do our demons play? Check out the Spotify link on the bottle.

Imagine Demons: Demons
Available July 1st! Do you want to pre-order send us an email or via the order form!

50 jaar Graan voor Visch! Ter ere van het 50-jarige bestaan van onze eigen wijk hebben wij een prachtige Farmhouse ale gebrouwen. Bestel deze limited edition nu!