Our story

Happy Demons Craft Beer is a micro brewery from Hoofddorp The Netherlands. The brewery is founded in 2021 by Diederick. Some time later his buddy Kees joined the brewery. Diederick and Kees are to craft beer fanatics with a passion for different craft beers and music.

Where does the name Happy Demons come from?

The name originates from a less cheerful side. A fight against inner demons also called depression and panic attacks. Owner Diederick is all too familiar with it. Read his story here:

Frequently suffer from panic attacks that come out of nowhere. He doesn't even know what triggers it. Many setbacks and bad experiences do a lot to a person. A lot to mention but the main ones are being admitted urgently in the hospital with a heart infection and the consequences. MH17 was at work that day in the call center of Schiphol and the loss of 1 of his best friends to the terrible disease named cancer at a young age have been emotional damage.
Bottleing everything up for too long eventually leads to complete dejection until the moment that it is no longer necessary to be here in this world. I was very shocked that this occurred to me and immediately asked for help to my two good friends. We where on the phone for hours. It felt like you were on a slippery muddy hill and they were both holding you and your hands and trying to pull you up. Everything was negative. A few days later we would go to Imagine Dragons at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. The song Demons means a lot to me. He sings about his inner demons, something I'm all too familiar with. Sometimes they win and take over your mind out of the blue. It's hard to describe what happens then. I tried a therapist, but it didn't work out well. I felt even worse and the people around me help me through it. They know about it and also know I can text them when I'm having a panic attack. Anyway, back to Ziggo Dome. Lead singer Dan Reynolds gives a speech before the song Demons starts. About what he has been through, it touches me deeply and finally says: Don't take your live away from us because your live matters to us. That was what did it, the audience cheers for his speech and the song Demons kicks in. Those words grabbed me and he was damn right right. The three of us are standing there, holding each others shoulders and singing along with the song loud and with big tears. We were probably not the only ones in the Ziggo Dome who stood like this after that speech. The song is over and we hug and stand there for a moment. I will never forget that moment because that moment changed a lot for me. I'm still fighting against my demons and panic attacks but I can deal with them much better. I know where my support is and who can and wants to help me.
In July 2020 I had the idea for my own brewery. At first I want to call it Demons, but a friend pointed out that that could be very dark and said why not put Happy in front of it. This was 1 of 2 friends who attended the concert at the Ziggo Dome. He got the origin of the name Demons, but the word happy was better and he was right. We want everyone to be happy with our craft beer. So it came to pass, the name Happy Demons was born. A beautiful brewery that also wants to help people in the future. People battling depression, cancer, ALS or any other illness. Fighting poverty, being generous to help people. We want to make people happy, through our craft beer, but also by being there for people who need help.

To conclude: Do you need help or are you down, people who love you will help and understand you. They will pull you through it. Don't be afraid to talk about it. Do you want advice or do you need a someone to talk to, I will be there for you! You can always send us a message via email or Facebook.